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MOQ1,200 Piece(s)\r\nTypeWELLNESS PRODUCT\r\nOther NamesSUGAR FREE DIGESTIVE ANTACID\r\nFunctionNIVARAN 90 DIGESTIVE ANTACID provides quick relief from indigestion and acidity, anytime, anywhere.\r\nDosage FormAdult:1 Sachet at a time.4 times a day.Children:1 Sachet at a time.1 or 2 times a day\r\nPackaging Type1,200 Sachets packed in a Carton\r\nTasteWill tempt one to take once again\r\nType10 ml SACHET\r\nBrand NameNIVARAN 90\r\nPlace of OriginKashipur , Uttrakhand .\r\nModel Number10 ml SACHET\r\nFlavoursStrawberry & Mango\r\nNivaran 90 digestive antacid\r\n\r\nworld’s first ayurvedic digestive sugar free antacid\r\n\r\n• world’s first antacid in a sachet from the innovator of the sachet concept\r\n• formulated by a doctor\r\n• it is not only an antacid, but also provides the goodness & benefits of 21 herbal ingredients\r\n\r\nhas 5 way benefits\r\n\r\n• as antacid: neutralises excess gastric acid (hyper acidity)\r\n• as anti-gas: takes care of gas due to anti-flatulent action\r\n• as digestive : aids in the digestive process\r\n• as appetite stimulant : stimulates & increases appetite\r\n• in stomach discomfort :in heart burn, bloated stomach & uneasiness\r\n\r\neffect starts in 10 seconds and lasts for 24 hours\r\nnivaran 90 digestive antacid excels commercially available antacid brands on the following aspects:\r\n\r\n1. it is natural, herbal antacid whereas all commercial antacids are chemical in nature\r\n2. commercial antacid contains mostly aluminium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. Aluminium salt produces constipation and magnesium salt produces laxation. But nivaran 90 digestive antacid is totally free from these side effects\r\n3. nivaran 90 digestive antacid is free from sodium,an ingredient in most commercial antacids. Causes adverse effect on patients with hyper tension (bp) & also produce alkalosis\r\n4. commercial antacids have only two way actions of antacid and anti gas, whereas nivaran 90 digestive antacid has 5 way action as referred above\r\nbalancing the acid secretion and increasing the digestive power at a time can be found only in ayurvedic medicines\r\n• 100% herbal and free from side effects\r\n• does not cause any problem in organs\r\navailable in 10ml sachet.\r\nIn strawberry and mango flavours\r\npackaging & mrp details :\r\n\r\na) 10 ml sachet (rs.8-per sachet):1,200 sachets carton.mrp: rs.9,600- per carton.

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